This Pricing Statement ("PRICING STATEMENT") incorporates and supplements the Skywind Tech CY Master Services Agreement,
available at ("MSA") (collectively the "AGREEMENT"). Capitalized terms used but not
defined herein have the meanings assigned to them in the MSA. This PRICING STATEMENT applies only to new customers
which opened their account at FOCUUS from May 3rd 2018 and forward.
Clicking "ACCEPT" below allows the Account Operator (also referred to herein as "YOU" or "YOUR") to access and use the
FOCUUS Platform pursuant to the terms set forth in the MSA. You can review available features
here: You may have different types of accounts. Each individual account created
through the FOCUUS Platform is referred to herein as a "CUSTOM ACCOUNT".

Your fees are determined by Your selected pricing structure (the "SERVICE FEES"). You may choose either Our PRO /
Enterprise / Custom package:

































































"ATTRIBUTIONS REQUESTS" are the sum of all but not limited to every click, redirect and event request received by FOCUUS
via Account Operator's Custom Account on the Ads used in connection with the applicable Custom Account regardless of
origin (whether unique or not). Attribution Request that FOCUUS records will be counted according the Attributions Request
package fee.

This Agreement is effective when you click "ACCEPT" below. We will start invoicing/charging You for the Service Fees starting
from the first month that you increased your revenue or sum of events. That said, Your first month will not be included when
considering performance for it is a trial month. For example, if either your revenue or sum of events increased during the
2nd month since You’ve opened Your account, you will start being invoiced/charged, from the following month and forward.
The billing date is set by the same date on each month from the first payment date and forward. Payment types are as
follows: (a) in arrears for overage Attribution Requests exceeding your package attribution monthly minmum commitment
incurred during the previous calendar month at the beginning of each month; and (b) in advance for the selected Monthly
Minimum Payment per package to be incurred at the same date of first payment on each calendar month.

When available, We may offer You either the Pro / Enterprise / CUSTOM package for a period of up to six months from
the Effective Date (the "Trial Month Period") based on the model set above under “START DATE AND BILLING” section, during
which time the applicable Monthly Fee shall not be charged. You may only take advantage of the FREE TRIAL Period once.
Upon registering for the FREE TRIAL Period of either pricing package, the credit or debit card that you provide during
registration ("Active Credit Card") will be authorized by the payments company. You agree that Your use of the Platform
during the Trial Month Period is provided for the purpose of sampling Our Services. Before expiration of the FREE TRIAL
Period, You must submit to Us, in writing, notice to terminate the Agreement, thereby terminating Your account. If no such
request is received by Us by the expiration of the FREE TRIAL Period, on a going-forward basis either: (a) the Active Credit
Card will be charged the applicable Monthly Fee or; or (b) the Active Credit Card will be charged the applicable Monthly
Overage Fee. Should You exceed any included usage units (regardless of trial expiration), You will be billed for said usage at
the beginning of the following calendar month in which the overage usage occurred. On a going-forward basis, all billing will
be based on a full calendar month thereafter. Applicable Service Fees will be billed to You in advance of the upcoming
monthly billing cycle while overage usage will be billed to You in arrears for the previous monthly billing cycle. For so long as
Your account is active, upon each Billing Cycle (as defined below) you will be required to pay the applicable Monthly Fee and
any and all applicable overage usage fees for that month's access to the Platform.


You have the ability to upgrade or downgrade Your account at any time. You can do it by contacting us at or via your success manager. Upgrades/Downgrades will result in Your account receiving the new
package features/limits, effective immediately. Changes in billing will be on pro-rate model and will be charged immediately
for upgrading while for downgrading, the billing change will only take place on the next billing cycle.



You may attend FOCUUS Console Service training classes at FOCUUS’s offices (“FOCUUS Classroom Training”) at the rate of
$500 per Company attendee per training class day. You may request instructor-led FOCUUS Console Service training at a
training facility at or near your site (“Requested Training”) at the rate of $2,500 per day. Consulting services and training in
addition to FOCUUS Classroom Training and Requested Training will be charged at the rate of $250 per hour. For consulting
services and training other than FOCUUS Classroom Training, Company will reimburse FOCUUS for its actual travel and
lodging expenses, as well as all training facility fees.


The Services are provided to You on a month-to-month basis. Either Party may terminate the Agreement at any time, with or
without cause, with thirty (30) days' written notice.


Additional cost will be charged in the future for premium features which are included in the current packages. Including but
not limited to automated BI, premium support and more. The FOCUUS team will notify you in advance for such changes.


Pricing Statement