Case Studies

As an ever-growing media group, Matomy knew they needed to break into varying global economies to stay on top of their leading position in the industry. This included entering new and emerging economies, which requires significant amounts of data and business intelligence.  Introducing FOCUUS and its robust performance marketing & analytics platform. Click the button below to learn more.
How Matomy Media Group Utilized FOCUUS to Successfully Confront & Disrupt Global Emerging Markets
To keep people playing, Karamba invests heavily in keeping its games engaging and fresh, providing frequent updates so that users can enjoy the game experience over a long period of time. In conjunction, big sums are invested into campaigns that portray these powerful messages that gain players and keep players returning. So, basically - money is in constant movement. And, the company needs to know where it is going and if it is placing such resources in the right areas. Tracking what works and what doesn’t is a significant challenge - and a must! Introducing FOCUUS. 
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How Karamba, a Top-5 Converter in the Gaming Industry, Utilized FOCUUS' Automated Insights to Successfully Convert Norwegians & Up User Acquisition 

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