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Actionable Optimization Insights

Smart Links

Post-backs for Multiple Events

Unlimited Parameters & Events

Advanced A/B testing tool

Flexible Reporting

Entire User Life-cycle Tracking


Anti-Fraud Integration

Real-time Business Intelligence Assistant 

Automated Campaign Analysis

Visionary Team

Yotam Benattia


Erez Mazor


Roni Lev


About Us

Launched in 2016, FOCUUS is a fast-growing company in the Performance Marketing & Analytics sphere.

Elevated by the innovative and robust platform, FOCUUS equips each user with the essential toolbox to tackle the complex data chaos and focus only on the critical analysis that matters to them and their companies - no matter the magnitude.


Added Value


Enjoy intuitive results with only a few clicks of a button.

FOCUUS stands apart from all other performance marketing and analytics’ SAAS platforms by actively analyzing your data. 


Unlike other players, we don’t wait for our clients to ask the right questions in order to understand their data.


We don’t place barriers on your marketing strategies but rather help you surpass them. FOCUUS provides the answers proactively, equating to actionable insights for each campaign. 


Through FOCUUS’ innovative technology, enjoy the luxury of unlimited marketing campaign events and parameters.  

Our solution includes: optimization insights, smart links, flexible reporting, post-backs on multiple events, entire user-behavior cycle, publisher and advertiser login, anti-fraud measures and much more!

In addition, is is important to note that FOCUUS provides anti-fraud integration solutions, enabling you to detect fraud within your traffic - in real-time. We support 3rd party anti-fraud integration software; thus, you can either choose to auto-eliminate these clicks in real time or have a look at the reports and at least be aware of the statistics gathered by the solution.

Our Mission


Our mission is to automate the entire marketing analysis process, helping advertisers and agencies to scale easily and become market leaders.


FOCUUS is our dream come true. It allows our customers to focus on building & improving their products, instead of wasting time searching for the best way to acquire new users and tackle the data chaos. 

As the saying goes, "Being productive is much better than being busy!"

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